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The Procedure

The treatment of PRP is relatively simple and can be completed within an hour. Blood is drawn from the patient (approximately 20cc). The blood is then transferred to a 30mm cylinder (YES PRP Kit). The doctor immediately places the blood into a centrifuge for separation, which takes approximately 8 minutes. Once the Platelet Rich Plasma is separated, it is transferred to a syringe for injection. PPP is distinctly visible and may be used separately or mixed with the PRP.

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If physicians use a product for an indication not in the approved labeling, they have to inform the patient, adhere to good medical practice and have the responsibility to be well informed about the product, to base its use on firm scientific rationale and on sound medical evidence and to maintain records of the product's use and effects (source:

Body, Heal Thyself
...he believes we can speed up the body's ability to heal itself with a remarkably simple technique. It's called Platelet Rich Plasma therapy or PRP
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Stanford pioneers new tendons treatment
Dr. Allan Mishra of Stanford's Menlo Clinic is helping to pioneer the use of platelet rich plasma, or "PRP" to coax the body into healing.
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Saito's on the cutting edge
Saito credited his unlikely recovery from a partially torn ulnar collateral ligament ... to a cutting-edge medical procedure.
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