The Platelet Rich Plasma –  PRP Procedure is fast and relatively painless


PRP Procedure Performed On Left Elbow. Clinical Studies Have Shown Indications That PRP Can Be Used For Tennis Elbow Treatments.

The PRP procedure is relatively quick. To develop a PRP preparation, 17 cc of the patient’s blood is drawn, then placed into our kits and then into a FDA cleared centrifuge device which is then spun at 1300 RCF 9 minutes (approx 2700 RPM). The centrifuge is used to separate the PRP from PPP and RBC components. After the blood has been separated and extracted into a syringe, the physician will then inject the concentrated PRP into the site of the patient’s injury. The PRP injection takes less than 1 hour including the preparation and recovery time. Dependent upon the injury location and severity, as well as the varied response from patient to patient, the number of injections recommended may vary from a single injection up to 3–5 treatments. However, since PRP is regenerative and autologous, there is no limit on the number of treatments.

Not FDA approved or cleared for the U.S. market. Pending FDA Clearance.